10 Tips for Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines

Email CellWhen writing emails, your subject line is your one shot for a good first impression. You don’t need to be creative or a writing genies to come up with the perfect subject line, just follow these 10 easy steps and you’ll be on your way to ensuring that your content reaches your customers.

1. Less is More
This goes for all writing, but is especially crucial when you barely have a second to catch your recipient’s attention. Only words that you absolutely need in your subject line should be there.

2. Don’t be a Robot
Humans open communication from other humans. Instead of mailing from a “noreply@company.com” address, make sure that you attach a name to your messages.

Use phrases like “We have a special offer just for you,” or “A gift just for you” to convey that you care about your customers.

3. Personalization Tokens
Try using personalization tokens, if applicable. Seeing their name in the subject line will catch your recipient’s eye.

4. Give Information
Mention any key items, like digital downloads, in the subject. A subject line that reads “Your ebook is enclosed!” is more likely to be clicked on than one that simply says “Thank you.”

5. Time it Right
Consider the timing of your message: if its subject is of interest to the recipient in the moment, it is more likely to be opened.

6. Convey Urgency
Using phrasing like “expires in x hours” can make a recipient feel like they might miss out on an opportunity, which leads them to opening your message.

7. Call to Action
Use the active voice: the recipient will be more likely to open the email if its subject line calls them to action.

8. Segment Lists
Avoid generalization. People won’t open messages that aren’t relevant to them.

9.  Preview Text
Because most email applications show the first line or so of a message, ensure that this first line is just as polished as your subject line.

10. A/B Testing
Before sending important mail, test two different versions of a subject line to see which one is more attractive to people to ensure a high clickthrough rate.

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