Optimize Your Websites For Mobile Devices (and All Others)…or Else!

More people access search engines on mobile devices than ever before. In fact, users now perform more searches on mobile than traditional desktops or laptops. Pertinent websites are accessed countless times by those looking for products, services, or information. Searchers want websites to display well on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, poor design pushes visitors to


Hotel Industry trends for this new year 2016

Even though hospitality is a traditional industry, the last few years have seen big changes. 2016 should seen increased transitioning as technology, consolidation and marketing trends all play a big impact on the state of the industry. To overcome the threats of AirBNB and continued capacity growth the industry is changing in various ways as


Resolutions Your Publication Should Make in 2016

The first weeks of January it is resolution seasons too many people it feels like a big storm regardless of your industry. 45 % of Americans do makes such decision and only less than 8% of manage to keep the promise. Wait until few weeks are over, and 2016 will be feeling like a routine,


The new Trends that will dominate social media 2016

In early days , experts insisted that social media marketing is not a viable marketing strategy option, but currently, the platform offers competitive environment concerning marketing effort that outdo TV networks. Social media are getting more complicated and different platforms have to be on their toes with newest trends if they are going to stay