Add Unique Images and Link on Your Facebook Post to Increase Your Website SEO Strength

As we have all seen, there is a huge benefit to driving links to your website. Basically the more links you have pointing to your site, the more authority your website will receive from search engines. That authority ranking is part of the Search Engine Algorithms which determine your website placement once someone searches a topic. Although Facebook was not created as a sales tool, you can utilize the platform to drive traffic to your site which, in turn, will result in more revenue. However, if your site is limited in content, it may be challenging not to appear repetitive. Using fresh pictures will help you create new engagement. Once you enter a url into the Facebook status bar, it will automatically populate the images available on that page. However, you also get the option to change the image.   You have two options:   Option 1:  Once the URL is added and the available images appear, you also get an option to upload an image that is not available on the page. image-2                                   Option 2: Add multiple images with link to specific page: First thing is to create a Short URL using a google shortening app like Google:   Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-1.46.00-PM     Once you have the short URL you can then go to the Facebook status and add the image. Once images are added, you can add the short url at the end Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-1.46.12-PM                     And this is how it will post:   Screen-Shot-2015-05-27-at-1.46.18-PM