Bootstrap: The layout of Modern Web-Design

Bootstrap: The layout of Modern Web-Design.The fastest growing front-end framework for developing stunning web projects that are mobile first, powerful, and responsive is Bootstrap. It can be built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s better than many other frameworks and it has plenty of advantages over starting from scratch. Originally created by a developer from Twitter, and originally used as Twitter’s profile style guide, Bootstrap has grown to be the most popular front-end framework on the planet.

Why Use Bootstrap?

There are plenty of advantages that Bootstrap has over the competition. There’s a reason why NASA used Bootstrap to launch its new “” site and has been backing the advancement of Bootstrap for awhile just like hundreds of other companies and organizations. One advantage is all the resources Bootstrap has available when compared to other frameworks. Here are six more benefits to using Bootstrap:

  1. Simple to use: using Bootstrap for a web project is a quick and simple process. In addition, it can be used with Less, CSS, and Sass.
  2. Its grid: Its 12-column, responsive grid allows it to support offset and nested elements. You can keep the grid responsive, or it can easily be changed to a fixed layout.
  3. Lightning-fast development: Because of all its ready-made components and resources, Bootstrap makes the development process a breeze. The cost savings associated with faster development is a huge factor for why even the largest corporations are making the switch to Bootstrap for web development.
  4. Huge selection of styles: Bootstrap is not short on style and creativity. You can choose from tons of HTML elements including multimedia, forms, typography, and more!
  5. Integration is easy: It is easy to integrate Bootstrap with different platforms and frameworks on both new and old sites. You can even use the Bootstrap elements of your choice alongside your existing CSS.
  6. JavaScript comes bundled: You don’t even have to worry about writing scripts because Bootstrap comes with essential JavaScript components, which adds functionality. You can adjust things like alerts, modal windows, tooltips, and more!