Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Hostage By External Ownership of Your Online Platforms


platform-hostageAre you aware of how important your online platforms are to your Business?

Do you have full access to be able to control your platforms?

As an online marketer, I cringed when I come across potential clients who say, “just set up my online platforms and get me some business”

Unfortunately, this leaves businesses open to some serious vulnerability. Too many times, we come across clients who are being held hostage because they do not own the access to their online platforms.

Although this sounds very malicious, in some cases, the developers don’t realize that their standard practice can be harmful to their clients.

Your online platforms can include:

Website – Domain, Hosting and CMS
Social Media Platforms
Google Analytics

In addition to these platforms, one has to be aware of any other applications or programs used that require login credentials.

What should you know as a Business:

Website Domain and Hosting:

Whoever buys and registers the domain owns it. This means that no one can make any changes or adjustments to the main domain. This is one of the most common things we come across. This also holds true to your hosting and CMS (Content Management System)

What can you do?

You should purchase the domain and hosting directly with a company like GoDaddy or InMotion Hosting. Be sure to change and update the access every time you give someone access to it.

Google Analytics:

Analytics are key in understanding your online presence and in developing ongoing marketing initiatives. The analytics provide historical and current information that can help tailor your marketing plan.

Here’s what we have come across:

The developers create the Google Analytics under their account. And then provide the client with management access. Although it seems like you own the access, you only have certain permissions. And if you decide to cancel your agreement with them, they can easily remove your access and now you have no historical data to work with.

What can you do?

As a developer, we create a dedicated gmail account for each client and give them full access. The analytics are then added using this gmail address. This gives the client full administrative rights to the analytics.

If you’re thinking about getting out of an agreement, all you had to do is change the password before advising the developers. If there is a transition period, you can then give the developers managerial access with limited permissions.

Social Media

The social media platforms are just as important as the domain. However, there are a few things to understand when it comes to some of the platforms.

Most social media platforms require an email to create pages. Some platforms like Facebook provide you with the ability to create different access levels.

Here’s what you should know and do:

We utilize the unique gmail account for the client to create the social media pages. This again gives the client equal access to the platforms.

As with the analytics, you can change the password should you be terminating an agreement. This will ensure that you have full control of the platforms.

Facebook provides you with the ability to add someone as an Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst. You will probably have to provide some people with full administrative rights to be able to make changes to the page. However, you should give specific access to people with specific responsibilities.

If you are looking at terminating an agreement, make sure that you and your team are the only ones with Full administrative permissions. Keeping in mind that the developers will get a notification when you change their status from admin to any of the other options.

Another thing you can do is to clearly define the ownership terms of every online platforms in your service agreement.

We understand that things change and clients sometimes need to make adjustments based on budgets and resources. So, don’t get stuck with zero intellectual property. From Social Caddies perspective, regardless of our business relationships, it is in our best interest to provide our clients with all of the tools for their future success.