Five Easy Steps to Get the Most Out of Instagram

If you want to develop your brand and attract a following, you absolutely must use Instagram. IG boasts the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms. No matter why you’ve been putting it off, Social Caddie can guide you through five steps to conquer Instagram.

Step 1: Build Your Community

Unlike other services, IG success isn’t directly related to purchased advertising. Strong relationships with your fans and community leaders will drive your success. Post your IG account link to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites so your existing audience can follow you.

Include a clear call to action in each post. A call to action encourages your fans to engage with you and each other. Ask a question or suggest fans tag a friend in your post.

Step 2: Develop a Strategy

Instagram appeals to so many because each picture is worth a thousand words. Many posts are candid and real, but it’s best to have a brand strategy in place to keep your social media personality in check. Develop a strategy for your brand’s overall goal. You’ll need supporting goals to make progress toward achieving your main goal.

StandardStep 3: Create Your Story

Instagram is centered on telling your story through pictures. What’s your brand about? Make sure posts are aligned with your brand’s attitude. Posts should tell a story that fits into your brand’s big picture. Fans read each post and are more likely to stay involved if your posts are consistent and captivating.

Step 4: Connect With the Right Users

The quickest way to gain popularity on IG is to initiate relationships with community influencers, or popular users. Influencers have tons of active followers that you can attract by developing a positive relationship with their community. Influencers can direct fans your way by offering a shout out, using your hashtag, and posting your username so others can find and follow you.  Simply, cultivate social media relationships by commenting on popular photos and tagging influencers in your relevant posts. Just make sure they share similar target audiences.

PowerUser)IG Step 5: Experiment With Instagram Advertisements

Advertising through IG is relatively new. A huge advantage with IG ads is that they can be integrated with Facebook Ads and their awesome targeting filters. Social advertising allows you to easily calculate how well you’re doing compared with how much money you’re spending.

Why not get started today? Put these Social Caddie tips to use and boost your brand. At Social Caddie, we want to help you get ahead.

Have you had success with IG? Leave a comment and let the Social Caddie team know what’s working for you.