The Guestfriend App Provides Real Time Interaction Between Management, Staff and Guests

With so many apps out there, it’s exciting when we come across one that we feel is a real gem.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ariel Absera, CEO of traveltix. A NYC technology company that has developed an awesome solution, Guestfriend for hotels who aim to leverage mobile devices to improve their product!

guestfriendGuestfriend, is geared specifically towards guest and operations management. It is comprised of a mobile responsive web-based platform for management and staff, which is integrated with guest-facing iOS and Android applications. The toolkit provides real time interaction between staff, management and guests. 

Javier: Ariel, why is mobile so important?

Ariel: There is a lot of software out there that hotels leverage right now to be as effective as they can. A lot of that software was designed a number of years ago before the mobile revolution got into full swing, so it is not really optimized for mobile users. Guestfriend is mobile first, putting essential technology in the hands of people who really make the biggest difference in a guest stay, whether we are talking about people who fix your air conditioner or housekeepers who deliver those extra towels. These people are on the move. Even managers and supervisors are not always behind their computer, so it is important for them to have a system they can use to establish cooperative transparency.

Javier: Do hoteliers understand that a mobile solution is imperative?

Ariel: We do – I say “we” because I grew up on hotels and have worked in them my whole life. Most of us recognize that we need to connect with guests via apps on personal devices. Most travelers use their smartphone more while traveling than they do at home! It’s crazy. In terms of equipping hotel staff with mobile devices, it has been a bit slower in being able to quantify the value. However it’s picking up steam quickly. A five or ten minute reduction in responding to a guest request or an issue that requires resolution can be the difference between a positive Tripadvisor review and a negative one. Often times it is. Shaving little bits of time here and there adds up.

Javier: Is Guestfriend expensive?

Ariel: I want all hotels to be able to afford our system. However Travelytix engineers dedicate a lot of resources into ensuring Guestfriend is secure and of the highest caliber, which isn’t inexpensive. We have 2 packages. One package is built for back of house operations management only. It includes unlimited users and is billed per property. Our 2nd package includes all back of house features plus a fully integrated guest-facing app (Android & iOS). This end-to-end package is based on a per month per room price model. The number of rooms a hotel has is aligned with their budget. By basing price on number of rooms, we can fit into everyone’s budget.

Javier: What is most important about Guestfriend?

Ariel: Everything we do and feature we design is very guest-centric, whether it is on the operations side or the mobile app that gets downloaded. We’re laser focused on helping the guest and we always have that at the front of our minds.

As we ended the discussion, we touched on the fact that this application can be used for any types of business. If you are looking to take your business operation to the next level, then it’s worth your time to demo the application to see how it can contribute to your success.