How Can You Create Sales on Social Media?

I often get asked the questions; How can you create sales using Social Media?

The reality is that social media was not created as a sales tool. These are platforms that provide you with the ability to share and engage with other people in the same forums.

However, put your business hat on…

We spend a lot of time making phone calls, attending conferences, knocking door to door to promote our products. However, this is very time consuming. And most of the time is spent trying to get to the decision maker that can be interested in your product or services.

Social media brings the people that are interested in your product or services to you. In addition, you can find people that are interested in your industry.

Think of it like this:

When you attend a conference, you usually have a very short time to create a relationship and promote your product to potential buyers.

With social media, you can continue a conversation that can be visible to 1000’s of potential customers that are connected to you or fans/ followers.

Keep this in mind…

A good sales person never discusses pricing or promotions during the first part of the process. One of the key factors is to keep the potential buyer engaged with information. Just as in SEO, you can use keywords in your discussion to control the flow of the conversation. Once you build a good rapport, you will be able to identify sales opportunities.

This is no different when it comes to social media engagement.

Here are 5 quick tips:

– Respond to comments in a fun way
– Be real – don’t be robotic
– Don’t just sell, sell, sell…
– Ask questions
– Use # to find people talking about specific topics in forums