How to Make Content Marketing for Luxury Hotels

How to Make Content Marketing for Luxury Hotels

Just like any other business, the luxury hotel industry needs to be creative in order to successfully achieve their marketing strategy goals. Essentially, content marketing needs to be purposeful, stimulating, and engaging for your readers, create a buzz around your brand, and ultimately convert into sales. Not only does it need to be highly visible and useful, it must provide a solid platform in order to position the hotel as a desirable and socially-engaging brand overall.

Why is good content so important? Without it there’s no “story” to tell and no direction. In other words, it’s the modern day version of traditional storytelling that piques the interest of the reader and motivates them to take further action.

In order to keep current customers and gain potential new ones, any hotel has to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry. Due to the fierce competition online, effective content needs to drive customers to a target website where they will find the information they’re searching for as well as other unexpected treasures in terms of information and ideas.

In the world of luxury hotels, this breed of clientele wants what they pay for. They desire VIP treatment, top-notch service, and first-class accommodations all the way around.

Consider the following ideas in order to develop an effective action plan that will ultimately increase the number of direct bookings in a luxury hotel and also sell the vision of the ideal place to relax, while building a vast community of faithful followers and fans.

1. Engage with your audience.

Social media and blogging are both ideal platforms for expanding the brand of any business. Research shows that people trust consumer reviews by as much as 80 percent over paid media and traditional marketing tactics.

2. Incorporate fresh and interesting content for your blog.

Your blog should ideally include a variety of stories and ideas that your customers will naturally want to learn more about. Consider using a traditional in-bound marketing approach that works perfectly in the B2C world.

3. Get a broad perspective.

Think beyond the “hotel” concept. Take your publishing platform even further by coming up with some modern themes in order to explore all that your particular region has to offer. This gives your future guests a panoramic view of what to expect from the entire area instead of just the hotel itself.

4. Create a high-end ‘living the life of luxury’ type of blog.

A glossy, customized blog with an interesting and engaging editorial will attract both new clientele and get high rankings in the search engines. This literally enables your unique hotel brand to turn into a hard-working publisher.

5. Traditional email still works.

Give your regular audience as well as any newcomers an opportunity to subscribe to your weekly (or monthly) optimized mobile email service. Offer exclusive promotions and special deal incentives that are only available to the people that subscribe to your list.

6. Create a blogging community outreach program that revolves around your brand.

Ideally, a blog of this nature should use a variety of different voices and authors. Consider inviting VIP bloggers in the industry to not only create a memorable experience, but a reason to write about your brand on their popular, high-traffic blog.

7. Build a simple app.

Create an easy-to-use app that serves as a guide to what’s happening in and around the hotel. It can include information on nearby gourmet restaurants, sight-seeing tours, concerts, and other special places of interest. Guests can receive a special access code in order to download the app for free after checking in, while non-guests have the opportunity to buy it in the app store.

Use these resourceful ideas to create interesting content that will both engage your readers and boost your brand as well.