Image Optimization: Speed Up Your Performance

Can you see a difference in the two images below? Google can! We all can be a little impatient at times, well some more than others, and Google understands this personality trait. As a result, page speed has become an important factor for both user experience and how well you do or don’t rank in their search results. As a rule of thumb, you should consider taking all reasonable steps to improve the performance of your website. At a minimum, initial steps that should be taken include a review of your website code, website server, and content used on your website.

Let’s take a look at how simple image optimization and compression can have a huge factor on the speed and performance of your website. Recently a client sent some images to be used on there website. They had a professional photographer take pictures of their dental office while in practice. See the images below, can you tell which is the original and which is a compressed and fully optimized image?


image optimization

Here is a brief breakdown of this images journey to optimization.

  1. Original image as received by the photographer was: 6016 x 4000 @300 dpi for a grand total of 8.4 MB.

  2. After reducing the image to the required size for the website yet keeping same proportionality, it is now1500 x 917 @300 dpi for a grand total of 4.2MB.

  3. Now, after compressing the reduced image we end with a remarkable resized internet ready image:1500 x 997 @ 72dpi for a grand total of 197 kb.***dpi: Dots Per Inch.  Measures the quality of an image.

Drum roll please……..the image on the left is the scaled down and compressed version.  WOW!! What a huge difference in the image size with little to no effect on the quality of the image.  Keep in mind, if you have several images within a banner or just throughout a web page you can imagine how image optimization can impact the speed and performance of that particular web page.

You can make significant gains on speed and performance with simple steps targeted at optimizing images on your website.

Here are some targets to shoot for when considering the speed and performance of your website..

Webpage load time

  • Below 1 second = Outstanding
  • 1-3 seconds = Very Good
  • 3-7 seconds = Average
  • 7+ seconds = Very Poor