Increase Your Fan Base By Offering Customized Photo Contest And Sweepstakes On Your Page

One of the first things most people do when they search a person or business is look at their Fan Base. The reality is that this is not always a good way to judge a person or make business decisions. There’s several options for people to increase their fans by thousands. I recently saw an ad that said get 10,000 fans within 2 days for $9.99. To good to be true? Usually is…

Many of the companies that sell fans include fake profiles created by programs. You can easily identify them by looking through the new fans profiles. Most of them have 1-2 pics, 0-3 posts and no engagement.

Now how can this hurt you?

1 – All social media platforms do periodic sweeps using an algorithm that identifies several factors including activity and engagement. Once these accounts are confirmed to be fake, they are removed from the platforms. This means a company or person can go from 50,000 fans to 5,000 in a matter of seconds. And that can be pretty embarrassing if you are using the number of fans as a marketing tool.

2 – The search engines are now incorporating social media into their results algorithm. This means that platforms like Google are now looking at elements like; number of fans, frequency of posts, responses, etc. to determine the authority of that page. The quick growth and decline of fans can be identified as spam by the search engines resulting in a very much lower number of visitors to your site.

And as we know, the ultimate goal is to drive quality traffic to your website. The more traffic you generate the more opportunities for sales.

A good long term approach is to use engagement and marketing tools to help grow you fan base.

Here are two great tools Social Caddie can offer to help you make an immediate impact on your engagement:




Sweepstakes offer visitors an opportunity to win a prize by simply entering the information requested. The information is stored for download and winner is randomly chosen.

Photo Contest


People love to see share their photo experiences. A photo contest allows visitors to upload an image based on specific requirements where other people will vote for a winner. This is great as most people will share the information through their networks to get more votes.

A strategic marekting plan for these tools will truly provide you with a real solid quality Facebook fan base.

View details on how Social Caddie can help you create your Facebook Sweepstakes or Photo Contest below: