JAPEX – Jamaica Product Exchange

Thank you to the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association and Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association for inviting me to be on the panel for Monetizing Social Media. My goal was to focus on the role social media plays in Search Engine Optimization.

Here are a brief recap of the content provided in the attached presentation:

Social Media plays a big role in optimizing your website for Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. All the Search engines have a proprietary algorithms that filter search results based on many factors. Social media platforms produce Social Signals which are now incorporated into these algorithms.

Social Internet Marketing is where all the platforms come together to increase the main website and page authority. The higher your authority, the more likely you will be displayed higher on search results pages for specific keywords.

The goal is to create a story and share it throughout all the platforms. This will show the search engines that your business is an authority for that specific topic.

Here are a few tips to help improve your social signals for search engine optimization:

Optimize Profiles 

Create a unique description for each platform. Search engines do not like when there’s duplicate content on the web. The same should go for other sites you are marketing on. For example: Your business description on the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism website should be worded differently than what you have on your site. You should still say the same and use all the keywords needed.

Research each platform to reach your target audience

Don’t always go by what you hear. The reality is that my mom is in her late 60’s and she’s pretty active on Instagram.

Create a strategy for each platform

Each platform engages differently. Take a look at some of your competitors and influence within your industry and see what content gets the most engagement. Images, videos, shares, etc…

Don’t just post images

You want to use a link to your website and depending on the platorms use images available. For example: Facebook will pre-populate images from your link with option to add or delete them. be creative and use high quality images that will drive engagement.

Optimize your content

Make is sound human. Use should as many of the related keywords as possible. However, you do not wanted it to sound robotic.

Optimize Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are great for joining online discussions. However, you should try to use them within the content.


Not optimized:

            #allinclusive #resort #negril #jamaica


           relax in our #allinclusive #resort located in beautiful #negril #jamaica

Sometimes less is more

If you have a lot to say, then create a post that links to a blog where you can share more information.

Be consistent

All platforms should be talking about the same thing in a different way. Come up with a series of topic and create individual content for each platform.

Have the right person managing your platforms

As many of us have witnessed, social media can be both good and bad. So, it’s important to have the right person engaging in these platforms on your behave. In addition, social media provides you with the ability to make sales. This means that you may need to create a conversation to guide the potential customer to purchase.

To accomplish social media success, it has to be done properly. This is a full time job and should not be something that someone does when they have time. And an intern is definitely not the answer.