The Mobile World of the Tourism Industry

Traveling trivia: Where do customers go to find and book resorts, hotels, and cruise packages? Answer: Their mobile phones. Is your mobile traveling site ready for the times? If you are not sure, we, the charming folks at Social Caddie can help you get there!

Mobile website marketing has become the number one go-to choice for travelers from all over the world to find everything they need for a perfect getaway. It makes sense, too. Having every traveling, booking and tracking tool available at the reach of one’s hand makes an otherwise tedious and time-consuming process entirely worthwhile. Social can set you up with ways to get higher, organic traffic to your website, better marketing tools, amenities that include GPS, click-to-call, and more interactive goodies than ever imagined.

mobileWhat exactly is Social Caddie?

We are a handy dandy Social Internet Marketing agency that specializes in making you, the mobile entrepreneur, move from good to great. Our motto: Where Social Media meets SEO. That’s right. We are the good guys that will place your program where it should be: attracting visitors, offering great services, and never going back in time; you will only look forward into the social media future.

More than 70% of travelers from the US use mobile devices of all kinds to book trips and stays. This year alone, in 2016, more than 90% of those bookings were made using applications that offer the click-to-call feature. The impact of mobile technology is undeniable. This is why it is important to keep mobile traveling tools completely optimized for a variety of platforms. That is what Social Caddie can do for you.

Meet your client, the modern traveler

The modern traveler no longer takes the time to sit and research at home. Instead, the traveler of the 21st century will whip out their phones, click on a traveling application, check and request desired features, and wait for the mobile website to provide a list of awesome suggestions that take the stress away from the traveler.

Mobile TravelNot only can this marketing tool allow for bookings and payments; they also display maps, allow posting pictures, taking photographs, reviewing, and even pre-ordering meals and tickets, all in one place. Can your mobile website do that?

Social Caddie can help!

When you use Social Caddie, we will put in a “mobile first” mentality. You will learn to understand and better appreciate the importance of having an optimized mobile website with a marketing plan that sweeps the potential customer off their feet. Believe us, if you do not catch up with the quick and changing times, your brand will eventually die out.