Optimizing Social Media for Customer Retention


Social media plays an important role in a consumer’s purchasing behavior.   We all know that customers research products or services before they make the decision to purchase.   Even after a purchase, they may return to social media to seek customer service or company updates, or even to provide a review of the product. So, using Social Media as a tool to communicate to your customers throughout all phases of the purchasing process will play an important role in their final decision to purchase your product over a competitors.  When clients, who are in the buying funnel, see the scale of services offered, from beginning to end, they will be more likely to stick with your production over that of a competitor.

It is often recommended to look at the lifecycle of a consumer in four distinct stages. These stages include Attracting a customer, Converting them to your product, Closing a sale, and Delighting them with your services. Social media content and access should be focused on these four areas to create a complete experience, based on your client’s mindset.  For example, you might focus on shareable, engaging content to attract new customers, or you might try introducing a loyalty program to delight your existing customers, and encourage new customers to sign up.  Social Caddie can expand on that by having the right social media presence, at the right time.

Whether you’re looking to engage customers on all sorts of social media facets or you’re interested in letting Social Caddie do most of the work, making sure your visible on these networks will be crucial to your success. Customers like companies that are easily accessible online and they’re attracted to catchy advertisement on different forms of online media. If you are able to master the four stages of Social Media to capture and retain customers, you are guaranteed to have a more successful business.