Optimizing Social Media Outreach for Customer Retention


Social media plays a big role in a consumer’s purchasing of a product in today’s world. For example, these social media tools are used when a consumer makes a purchase. Most customers will research information regarding a product before attempting to purchase it, so using tools like Social Caddie can optimize those searches. Furthermore, after the purchase of the item, a customer might return to social media to seek customer service or company updates, or even to provide a review of the product. It is therefore important that your company is able to provide the resources for a customer to do these things and end up choosing your product over that of a competitor.

Let’s take a look at the lifecycle of a consumer purchase. These stages include attracting a customer, converting them to your product, closing a sale, and delighting them with your services. Social media content and access should be focused on these four areas to create a complete experience. If you want customers to find your products, you’re likely already look at search engines and search optimization. A marketing company like Social Caddie helps draw customers in this way. Having searchable information that shows up on Twitter and Facebook also guarantees an online presence.

When trying to attract customers, it is usually best to focus on making information shareable as well as engaging. This will draw in new customers. Many people share information on Twitter and Facebook. The “retweet” option on Twitter and the “share” button on Facebook are tools that accelerate this kind of outreach. Taking advantage of the interfaces on Twitter and Facebook are also to your advantage. Once they have been drawn in and make a purchase, another example would be to develop something like a loyalty program that will help keep customers happy and retain their business.

Whether you’re looking to engage customers on all sorts of social media facets or you’re interested in letting tools like Social Caddie to most of the work, making sure your visible on these networks will be crucial to your success. Customers like companies that are easily accessible online and they’re attracted to catchy advertisement on different forms of online media. If you are able to master the four stages of customer capture and retention, you are guaranteed to have a successful business through internet customer engagement.