Tapping Into Your Creativity


Maybe you’re not naturally a very creative person. Maybe you just feel like everything has already been thought up and that you wouldn’t even know where to start if you tried. So many websites overflow with creativity, yet you can’t get an original thought. It’s frustrating when you need to think up a new idea and you simply can’t, like you just weren’t born with that skill. But many psychologists believe that creativity is a learned skill that takes practice like any sport. The brain, too, is a muscle that can be developed. It is therefore possible to increase your capacity for creativity through cognitive exercise. Here are some ways to do this:

Exercise Yourself and Your Mind
If you’re looking to train your brain, some creativity marketing websites recommend starting each day with some free-writing. Integrate physical exercise in some form throughout your day as this helps influence thinking tasks and increases productivity. Consider signing up for a creative course to begin thinking in new ways.

Meet New People, See New Place
Traveling is always a way to gain a different point of view and be inspired. Meeting creative people also helps keep you inspired and your fresh perspective going. You don’t even need to go too far away. Just take a trip to the coffee shop, a new store, or walk around the office, visiting other departments.

Let Creativity Flow, Unrestrained
Try to be as naturally creative as a child who is without limits by simply having fun with the work you do. By putting energy into one thing at a time you can give it your best, and never hold back. Keep a journal at your desk so you always have scratch paper available, like many marketing people do to capture fresh ideas. Use Social Caddie as a resource to help inspire you further.

Know When and How to Unwind
Taking breaks throughout a work day are important “incubation times”. Watching humorous videos is also a great way to unwind, and listening to music increases productivity and intelligence through the supposed “Mozart Effect”.

Fortunately, today’s online world is full of websites designed to inspire. Don’t be afraid to check out some creative websites and see what sort of strategies they are marketing. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to generate those ideas and get the cognitive exercise you need.