Technology Takes a Giant Step for 2016 Hospitality Industry

Technology Takes a Giant Step for 2016 Hospitality Industry

Impressive technological improvements are opening doors for the hospitality industry in 2016. They bring an opportunity to increase revenues and operate more efficiently. WiFi and apps give customers added control when selecting a hotel and room to meet their needs. How is a visit away from home personalised? Here’s a quick look at the top three trends to pique consumer attention and following.

Personalisation and Mobile Devices

The millennial generation are consumers who have grown up with computer servicing. They comprise today’s 20 to 35 year old customer group. Millennials enjoy the freedom to choose products and services with technology like the Internet and Smartphones. They share the knowledge with relatives and friends. Hotels can use the technology to add clientele. It appeals to a variety of consumers regardless of age, location, or income.

Specific apps deliver personalised service. Hotel guests have the opportunity to express what they need and want in a room or in the way of specific services. They feel like a VIP when their room delivers what they ask for in a Smartphone reservation. It might include a specific bed size, degree of mattress softness, or non-allergenic bedding.

Personalised service occurs when guests choose hotels with full mobile technology. An app lets them create their own ideal room. Customers can specify personal lighting levels and room temperatures. The request remains active for future visits.

The Benefits of Cloud Software as a Service

On-site web servers are an expensive item for hoteliers. The 2016 model for Cloud software as a service, or SaaS, is a rented software app. It is delivered to the hotel through the internet and browser from a licensed cloud provider. Software updates automatically.

The hotel saves money because there’s no need for services like data backups, servers, maintenance, and networks. Cloud service provides opportunity to access business apps anywhere, anytime, through an internet enabled device. As noted above, consumers are familiar with using this type of app.

Group Payment Software

The headaches of group bookings start with constant monitoring. Group payment software makes it simple for individual group members to book and pay for the accommodation using the app and their PC or Smartphone. Hoteliers learn the customer’s choice of room size and details in advance, reducing organization and last minute details and stress.

Cloud-based technology and apps are a win-win situation for guests and hotels. The resulting customer satisfaction brings a reputation that quickly builds business.