Web Design: The Importance of The Mobile Experience

 Web Design: The Importance of The Mobile Experience If you are a website owner, whether it said site is retail focused or not, you should be ensuring its performance, as well as its overall popularity, by applying the latest technological update that is no longer considered a trend that will be dying soon: the mobile experience. The entire world population has begun using their mobiles more than ever for shopping, searching, entertainment, education, and much more. Falling behind with an inadequate app, or worse, having no mobile version of your website at all, will only do your online presence harm. The large dynamic between having only a website and creating the much needed mobile adaptation to accompany it is rather daunting, especially considering the slightest delay in loading time for a website is not nearly as catastrophic for sales or conversions as it is when it is the mobile adaptation that delays. Even a one second wait can cause the customer to leave and conversion rates to plummet. However, when there is nothing stopping instant access, more than fifty percent of sales are most likely to come from mobile shoppers. When creating a website logo or header, there are specifics that must be considered, such as minimum and maximum sizing for optimal visual effects for all screen sizes. Extra precautions must be made for your app. If your logo, header picture, link, button, or picture is too small to be aesthetically pleasing or not easy to click with, large, clumsy fingers, people are less likely to continue working with you on their mobiles. This can be easily fixed with effective cropping and rearranging. Additionally, if your customer wants to zoom for a better look at a particular picture, only to find the picture becomes blurry, they will be less likely to buy. This is a much harder thing to fix, but it is not impossible. If you are unable to see why many website owners are reluctant or hesitant to “go mobile,” by all means, wing it. If you do see the very valid reasons, you may be wondering why you should bother. About fifty to sixty percent of customers are swarming in and buying, or clicking advertisements, or opting in for email alerts straight from the comfort of their phones. It is a small, miniature computer and it holds the future it its hands. Do not let this chance for more conversions and traffic slip through your fingers.