Ranking in Google Local Listings & Online Business Directories

Importance of Online Listings

Before Google Local Listings had become the juggernaut that it is, they had a dilemma. How can we return local business data in search? The solution, print directories began to upload their own data online. As a result, Google crawled the listings and built it’s own database of local businesses. In 2005 Google launched Google Maps+ Google My Business.

The next challenge faced by Google was how to verify and authenticate the accuracy of the data it received from the various print directories it had been crawling. The solution Google found was matching data from various directories to corroborate the information it had collected. In particular this information includes what is know as your NAP. No, that’s not time to go to bed but rather the collection of your business Name, Address, and Phone number. So to authenticate the data, Google looks to ensure that your listing is consistent across multiple listings. The more complete and accurate your data is the more Google trusts your business and the greater visibility you’ll have on Google. If your data is missing or incorrect from a key directory then Google loses trust in your business which damages your local visibility in search results

Why should you manage your listing data?

Search professionals and industry experts believe that listings make up over 10% of the overall ranking factors for Google’s local pack results. We’ve also seen that it can have an impact on Google’s localized organic results which make up almost 9% of overall signals.

Why is this important to improving customer experience

● 80 % of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent contact details or business names
● 93% of consumers say they are frustrated by incorrect information in online directories
● 40% of consumers would give up looking for a local business that they couldn’t find because the address was wrong online

Now that you know – What do you Do?

Step 1: You’ll need to audit your existing listing footprint

● Data is gathered by business directories from many different sources from utility bills to business bureaus.
● So even if you’ve never submitted your business online – your data may have been gathered from an offline source.
● It’s important that damaging incorrect data is highlighted and addressed quickly.

Step 2: Clean up and build listings on powerful directories

● Then go out to the most powerful directories to ensure your business data is listed and 100% correct
● This ensures optimal visibility in Google for your business

Step 3: Build a campaign Report

Take the time to build a unique campaign report showcasing the listings you currently have.

● If like many professionals you don’t have the time or resources for all this online STUFF, give us a call and let our team assist you in ensuring you are maximizing your local search opportunities.