The End of an Era and beginning of a New – Major Updates Coming in 2023 for Google Users

For digital marketers and advertisers, 2023 will bring significant changes that will no doubt alter the current status quo we have come to rely on from Google. So what’s changing? Google Universal Analytics is set to end on July 1, 2023 and officially be replaced by Google Analytics 4. Although GA4 has been around since


What are Digital Citations and How Do They Impact Your SEO? 

Digital citations are critical to ranking local SEO and helping customers find your business online. But what are they? What are Digital Citations? Digital citations are mentions of your business on the internet. This can include your business name, address, and phone number. These citations help search engines like Google verify that your business is


Developing Good Content for Search Engine Optimization

How to Develop Good Content for Search Engine Optimization Good content does a lot for both SEO and user engagement. The only challenge is that writing about anything worth reading is usually above most people’s comfort level. The fact is excellent content is something most people won’t write unless they know how to do it


Ranking in Google Local Listings & Online Business Directories

Importance of Online Listings Before Google Local Listings had become the juggernaut that it is, they had a dilemma. How can we return local business data in search? The solution, print directories began to upload their own data online. As a result, Google crawled the listings and built it’s own database of local businesses. In


Verbal SEO – The Art of Creating Stories and Driving the Conversation.

  One of my first mentors in the Hospitality Industry always said, “A good salesman never sells”. At first, I didn’t understand what he was saying. However, through the years, I have come to appreciate exactly what those words meant. To me, there are different types of sales people: Aggressor In your face only talking


Increase Your Offline Exposure with a Free 6′ Pop Up Banner

We are very excited to be partnering up with Image 360 – Lauderhill, a full service, custom signage and graphics company on a promotion to help you generate more offline exposure for your business. Visual branding is a crucial element for driving awareness for your online platforms. Together, Social Caddie and Image 360 bring the


JAPEX – Jamaica Product Exchange

Thank you to the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association and Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association for inviting me to be on the panel for Monetizing Social Media. My goal was to focus on the role social media plays in Search Engine Optimization. Here are a brief recap of the content provided in the attached presentation:


Optimizing Social Media Outreach for Customer Retention

  Social media plays a big role in a consumer’s purchasing of a product in today’s world. For example, these social media tools are used when a consumer makes a purchase. Most customers will research information regarding a product before attempting to purchase it, so using tools like Social Caddie can optimize those searches. Furthermore,


Image Optimization: Speed Up Your Performance

Can you see a difference in the two images below? Google can! We all can be a little impatient at times, well some more than others, and Google understands this personality trait. As a result, page speed has become an important factor for both user experience and how well you do or don’t rank in