Use Live text on iPhone to Extract, Translate, Look Up and Share

Managing text on images and print has gotten much easier using your iPhone Camera.

Use the Camera on iPhones with IOS 15 or later and copy text, share text, open websites, compose emails, and make phone calls from text that appears within the camera frame.
1 – Open Camera , then position iPhone so the text appears within the camera frame.

2 – After the yellow frame appears around detected text, tap the Live Text button

3 – Swipe or use grab points to select text, then do any of the following:

– Copy Text: Copy text to paste into another app such as Notes or Messages.
– Select All: Select all the text within the frame.
– Look Up: Search text on the web.
– Translate: Translate text.
– Share: Share text using AirDrop, Messages, Mail, or other available options.

4 – To go to a website, make a call, or start an email, tap the website, phone number, or email address on the screen.

5 – Tap the Live Text On button to return to Camera.